Saturday, July 4, 2015

One Week That Went By Way Too Fast

Just finished the first week of my internship! I had planned to go out into the field today with my guide, Yasmani, but it has been storming like no other. The rain starts out as a drizzle, but then quickly turns into a high-pressure washer from the heavens. There is thunder and lightening on and off through the day. It beautiful here no matter the weather, though.

Today is the 4th of July, so me and the other volunteers are going to celebrate appropriately tonight! Happy Independence Day, America. Even the new volunteer from Switzerland, Edward, has the American spirit.

In other news, I got my first tick yesterday. At first I thought it was a scab from my many mosquito bites all over, but then I realized what it was! I'm not sure how it got on the back of my thigh, but I noticed it when I was showering after doing field work. I had to take a picture of the ugly little pest.
I'm sure that I would have already had many more bites (snake, spider, tangarana ant, etc.) if it wasn't for Yasmani. He has already taught me so much about the forest here and the plants and animals inside of it. I've seen a lot of freaky things. Like this spider!
After a long morning spent macheteing through rotten wood and finding beautiful colors like this...  
...we always go to this lime tree, sit on the river bank, and enjoy the view. 
And to put a face to the words, here is my brave leader, Yas. 
I am really enjoying my time here despite waking up every morning scratching my whole body, constantly wearing clothes, and being deprived of chocolate and peanut butter. My spanish has improved a lot, and my card shuffling skills! I can now do the bridge! 

When you guys are enjoying the luxury of a warm shower, please think of me... or maybe not.

Hasta luego,



  1. Auna I always think if you no matter what I'm doing!!

  2. Auna you are hilarious. wearing clothes must be a bear :/ sorry. nice to see some faces in your pictures too!

  3. I was thinking of you tonight and came to see what you're up to. I love your photos and and adventures. You are such a wild woman and I am so proud of you!